Welcome to Dimensions of Being!

A discussion forum for sharing ideas, concepts, practices,
and experiences for the sheer purpose of exploring and evolving Consciousness.


What is Consciousness anyways? Where does it come from, and what does its existence say about our evolving Cosmos?

These are some of the questions that I’ve pondered in my new book, Dimensions of Being: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness. I’ve been fascinated by these questions since my youth, therefore spending a lifetime of exploration through diverse methods, practices, lenses, and technologies. This is a companion web site for the book, in a sense stimulating yet another aspect of Consciousness, YOU!

My hope is that Dimensions of Being will generate thoughts, perspectives, questions, and likely disagreements, which are welcome in the context of open-minded discussion. The only agenda here is to create a discussion forum where we all can come with our own unique perspectives, theories, practices, and experiences in order to cultivate a higher synthesis; a synthesis that weaves the discoveries of empirical science, the evidence of mystic and shamanic insight, and your own personal and transpersonal experiences into a coherent whole.

Consciousness is all we ever really know, before we even have any ideas of what it could be, therefore being the root of what and who we are. As we explore Consciousness, subjectively and from within, we have the potential to peel away layers of belief systems to eventually uncover inherent Awareness; an Awareness that seems to be unified and beyond our individuality at its core. The basic sentience and witnessing capacity that shines behind our thoughts and who we think we are is more profound than most people suspect, mystics tell us. Of course, one must always remain skeptic, as my cousin Jorge constantly reminds me, and find evidence through scientific experimentation.

  • Such experiments can be and have been conducted for the past couple of thousand years by mystics, sages, shamans, and generally intuitive people. In this discussion forum, these mystic, shamanic, yogic, and meditative techniques will be discussed, along with the data these practices seem to facilitate.
  • Discussion on the objective, material dimensions, such the neurological and psychopharmacological underpinning of mind, quantum reality, and cosmic origins will also be discussed, tackling the ancient mystery of the mind/body, spirit/matter split.
  • Our collective place in evolutionary time, our current planetary situation, and the techniques that will facilitate change and healing in the individual and the collective are other themes that will be explored.

So join the discussion, pick a topic, and let us know what you feel and think about these deeper questions of humanity. As we share and expand each others worldview, we have the potential to grow in understanding and awareness, therefore expanding Consciousness to its next level of expression. See you in the forum!